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1. Corporate Vision: To be the world leader in engineering ceramic tile R & D

2. corporate philosophy: keep pace with the world

3. Brand positioning: a professional supplier of engineering tiles

4. strength advantage: 50 years of brilliant strength, 360 degree engineering customization

360 degrees to meet the needs of engineering customization

5. the brand concept: inherit the strength and innovate the future

Inheriting strength——Inheriting 50 years of strength and glory, shouldering the heavy responsibility of history and forging ahead;

Innovative future——Innovative development ideas and technological R & D, work together to create a brilliant future.

6. Brand Objects: The brand objects are mainly professional groups and extend to the masses.

Professional groups include professional developers, senior engineers and designers with leading industry positions and qualifications;

The masses are centered on the elite between the ages of 28-45. They have a successful career and pursue taste, value and dignity.

7. brand tone: simplicity, individuality, professionalism, internationalization

8. product concept: complete products, excellent quality, personalized customization, no one owns

9. service concept: people-oriented, customer supreme

10. team concept: unity, tolerance, innovation, high efficiency

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